Alien themed slot machines seem to make a big hit with online slots players. Arrival is one of those games that captures the attention of many and makes loyal players out f them. Betsoft is one of the best when it comes to offering slots games with fantastic themes and superb graphics. Arrival runs on Betsoft and has 5 reels, 30 paylines, and many surprises in store for players to enjoy. This game invites you to experience an online slot machine that performs great and will take you to another place where you will be introduced to creative characters, many helpful features, and an all around great game.


Each little detail in this slots game helps to add to its strong alien theme. The graphics in the game are 3D and they offer players a game with a very realistic look they can really get into. This game has a look about it which resembles those alien cartoons, movies, and comic books. There are a variety of aliens in the game as well as other alien items that fit in the story. The intro to the game plays like a movie and does an excellent job of explaining the plot to you. You will see a battle take place in which the humans and aliens go up against one another.

Once you begin playing the game you will see that the background of the game comes in the form of the control panel of the spacecraft. There is an alien located on the bottom portion of the screen and he appears to be controlling the reels as they spin. The game options such as spin, max bet, select lines, and others are situated in screens on the crafts panels which is a nice touch that makes the game have an even more real appearance.

On the reels you will see such symbols as planets, a variety of space crafts, a ray gun, different aliens, the man, the woman, etc. When the symbols are used in a win they become animated and show you a little clip which is amusing. When it comes to fascinating games with fun themes this is one of them that brings a lot to the table. The game is full of non-stop action and added elements that ensure you are going to enjoy the time you spend on it.

Special Features

There are a lot of reasons why Arrival is a great choice of online slots game for players who are looking for the chance to experience as much as possible. One of the other areas where this game shines is the special features. There are a lot of them in this game and each one of them is designed to be exciting, but they also bring you many more opportunities to win prizes while you play. One of the things you do want to be aware of when you go to play this game is it doesn’t offer you those traditional wilds and scatters that many other online slots games have to offer. However, don’t let this detour you, these symbols have been replaced by other special symbols that also offer you great things.

In this game there are three different scatters and they will lead you to three different features that bring you chances to get prizes. One of the symbols to watch for is the brain alien that can appear anywhere. When you are able to get three of them you get to enjoy a round of free spins. At the start of this feature a UFO will show up and cause one of the reels to become wild. Some of the prizes you will be able to get during this round are absolutely amazing. This is one of the features you will hope to see come up the most often.

Another important feature in the game is the Click-Me feature and you go to it when you get at least three of the ray gun symbols on the reels. When this feature comes up you will choose from three UFO’s, each of which is carrying prizes. You will continue to select until you choose one which contains the collect sign.

There is another round which is called the Abduction Bonus round. When you enter this round you will be taken to another screen and you go to it by getting at least three of the girl symbols on the reels. In this round you will witness the girl being abducted by the brain and you need to help her partner rescue her. When you do you will win a very nice prize. Not only is this round a lot of fun, but it can also bring you a nice amount of money too.

Denominations and Payouts

There are a lot of reasons why you should play this impressive online slots game. On top of all the features and great graphics and animations, the game also has a nice flexible betting range so you can fit it right into your online casino bankroll. You can play the game for as little as just two cents each spin, or you can wager as high of an amount as $75 each spin. The top paying jackpot in Arrival is good for 10,000 coins and this means you can win as much as $5,000 on this game!


If you have been going online hoping to find a great online slots game that is guaranteed to offer you the online gaming time of your life, then you should be sure you play Arrival. From the moment you log o to play you will see that you are invited to enjoy non-stop action and a whole lot of chances to win fabulous prizes. Try your luck on this game now if you want to begin having a great time on an alien themed slots game.