At the Movies

At the Movies Slots Review

Sometimes you feel like playing an online slot machine that is loaded with colors, great graphics, special features, and numerous other benefits which will amaze you. When you are in the mood to have it all, you should think about playing At the Movies. From the first spin to the last, you will have an entertaining time and be given many chances to win great prizes. The game is made up of 5 reels, 25 paylines, and superb graphics and animations. One thing about this slot machine is it is a bit difficult to describe it in a way which explains everything it has to offer. This is one of those games you really should try out for yourself.


The At the Movies game has a real movie theme to it. All of the elements really come together to have you feeling as if you are at the movies. One of the special touches with regards to the design of this game is the red curtains which surround the reels which can be seen in the free spins round. Another is the background of the regular play game in which the reels are surrounded by the outside of a movie theater. The payline numbers located on the right and left had sides of the games look like stage lights. The music and sounds also play a big part in this game and help pull the theme together well.

When you get a winning combination on At the Movies one of the symbols will pop out from the game and inside of it a movie clip will be played for you. This is a great addition to the game and gives it a lot of personality. It also makes it even more exciting for you to get those wins. One of the things which help to make this game great for new players who want to try out a game with more details is the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of confusing elements. Even with all of its features the design still maintains a user friendly interface.

The symbols in the game are just as unique and creative as the rest of it. Some of these include a tub of popcorn, a projector, a ticket booth, a Hollywood Digest magazine with an actor resembling Brad Pitt on it, and numerous others. Each one brings its own special touch to the game and is designed in an interesting manner.

Special Features

Something that many players find to be nice about this exciting game is it doesn’t have complicated bonus rounds or other complex features which can scare off some. Instead, the features are entertaining and offer more chances to win, but they are a bit more simple and basic with regards to the interface.

One of the special features that come up quite a bit in the game is the free spins. This is great because it gives you a lot more chances to win. You can go to the free spins by getting at least three of the projectors on the reels. Three of them give you 8 spins, four of them give you 12, and getting 5 of them will bring you 20 free spins!

You will recognize the wild symbol right away because it is represented by the comedy and tragedy masks. They change places when they are being used in a win. Also, when there is a win which is created with the assistance of a wild symbol then that win will be doubled. This can bring in some nice sized wins.

Denominations and Payouts

The game can be played by anyone. It has a betting range that goes from just two cents all of the way up to $62.50. New players will find that this is a great choice of game to learn on without spending all their money. They can get their feet wet on the video slots games without watching their bankroll dwindle. While this game may not offer high rollers the chance to wager very large amounts, it still offers so many great elements that they should still give it a try as well. The top paying jackpot on At the Movies is good for 10,000.


At the Movies is one of those online slots games that will reel you in and keep you entertained as long as you have the time to play. All of the things you have found that you like about some of the different video slots online may be offered on this one. This is why you should be sure to move it to the top of your list of games you need to be sure to try.