Black Gold

Black Gold Slots Review

Betsoft has become known as one of the leading software’s in the industry due to all it puts into its games. When you play on a Betsoft slot machine you get the privilege of playing a high quality game which offers spectacular graphics, smooth gaming, flexible betting ranges, and a lot of special features. One of the games you want to play that is put out by Betsoft is Black Gold. Black Gold is quite entertaining and it gives you the chance to play a game that you can always count on to bring a lot of fun your way. This video slot machine has 5 reels, 30 paylines, and a whole lot of ways for you to see excellent results.


Black Gold has an oil field theme to it in which all the symbols, the background, the animations, and sounds all come together to make you feel as if you are involved in the oil business. You will see Ol’ Bill in the game and his story will be told in an entertaining manner that will keep you interested. You will see how hard work and luck can come together to bring more riches in this game. The background of Black Gold depicts the oil field and on the reels you will enjoy an array of characters and other icons that help complete the story.

Some of the symbols in Black Gold include Ol’ Bill, the horse, oil barrels, money under Bills hat, a no trespassing sign, an oil drop, and bulls horns. You will get a kick out of the symbols in the game. They have been created in a way that gives them a semi-realistic appearance which makes the game all that much more amusing to play.

Special Features

One of the special features in Black Gold that will help many wins come your way is the free spin feature. You will get free spins when you get at least three of the barn symbols at the same time. When you are in the free spins the barn symbol is wild and it also brings you multipliers with each win it helps to produce. You can get multipliers that are good for as much as 10 times the amount of the win. The free spins round can help you out a lot with regards to racking up more of those credits.

Another special feature is the one which is called Drilling for Oil. You go to this feature by getting a minimum of three of the symbols. When this feature begins you need to select one of the symbols by clicking on it. Once you make your selection you need to wait to see what prize your choice reveals. There is the chance that you will win a very generous prize in this feature.

There is also a fantastic bonus round which opens when you see three or more oil pump symbols appear. A screen will open and you need to guess whether the next number is higher or lower than the one which is shown. The bonus round comes to a close after you get four right or four wrong. The chances for you to win in this round are very high and the prizes can be quite generous.

Denominations and Payouts

Black Gold is a game with many fun and lucrative rewards it’s great to know that there is a slot machine out there that has so much to offer while giving even those with small budgets the chance to enjoy it. If you want to play a game that has it all without spending a lot then be glad to learn that you can spin the reels on Black Gold for just .02. However, if you were hoping to wager more each spin then you want to know that you can wager as much as $75 for each spin. The high paying jackpot in this game will bring you a win that is good for an impressive 10,000 coins. This means you can get a cash win worth as much as $5,000!


The Black Gold online slot machine is a nice choice for those times when you want to play a game with an interesting theme in which there are a lot of features to help you. The game has plenty of personality and it one of those games that will bring fun your way even on those spins that don’t produce any wins. If you want to play a game that gives you a unique experience then this one is a good choice.