Heist Slots Review

Sometimes you will find an online slots game that will blow you away with all it offers. Many times, you will see that these games are ones which are run on Betsoft software. This is due to the fact that Betsoft strives to put out games that have the best 3D graphics, offer players plenty of options, and are loaded with special features. A great example of the fantastic and superior slots games they offer would have to be the Heist slots game. This is a 5 reel video slot that has 30 paylines and many elements that will impress you from the start. If fun and excitement is what you are looking for then the Heist is the game you should be playing.


One of the things about this game that will get you in the mood to play is the fact that it has a theme that takes you on an adrenaline packed adventure full of thrills and excitement with every spin. In this game you get to follow the story of Neil, a thief on a mission. Along the way you get to enjoy a variety of bonuses that come with impressive animations. Plenty of steel surrounds this game and it looks so real it draws you right into the plot even more.

The design of the game is very realistic and almost makes you feel more like you are watching a movie than playing an online slots game. On the reels of the Heist you will see such symbols as Neil, weapons, time clocks, vaults, power tools, etc. Each one of the symbols in this game have their place in the story and you will find the game to be well rounded in many regards. When these symbols get used in a win they will display impressive animations that offer you heart pounding thrills.

Special Features

When you pull up this game you will just assume that it is going to have plenty of great special features attached to it. Your assumption would be correct because the Heist is one of those games that have special features that set it apart from many of the other games and may make it quickly become a favorite of yours.

One of the features you want to prepare yourself for when you play this game is the stacked wild. When you get the C4 symbol on the middle of that middle reel then it will cause an explosion which will display a stacked wild. This wild will also work as a multiplier when it is used in the creation of wins. You will also have a chance of triggering a wild reel lock which can lead to you winning even bigger prizes.

Any good thief knows that you need a glass cutter. In this game the glass cutter will take you a long way. When you are able to get three or more of them show up then you get to choose one which will offer you either bonus credits, access to the bonus round, or free spins.

When you get at least three of the drill symbols then you will find some nice sized prizes. When you get three of them then you get 750, four of them will pay 1,500, and if you are lucky enough to have five of them show up then you will win a whopping 3,750 credits!

Getting at least three of the vaults will open up a bonus round in a second screen. When you go to this round you will need to help Neil to break into the vault by choosing a tool which will be used to break into it. If Neil is able to get away in time and he doesn’t drop much money then you will receive a good amount of cash. This feature is one that adds a lot to the game and is one of them that will keep you the most entertained. It may also pay you well if everything goes in your favor.

Denominations and Payouts

The Heist is also one of the online slots games that are very friendly to most budgets. No matter if you are looking to wager a little or a lot, you will see that this game will accommodate your needs. The smallest amount that you can wager for a spin on this game is just two cents. This is good news for players who want to play a fantastic game without breaking the bank. Players looking forward to placing larger wagers will be able to go as high as $150 for each spin on this game, making it well worth it. The top paying jackpot is good for 2,500 coins which mean $2,500 cash. This may not seem like a lot but when you take into consideration all of the other ways you can win money in this game it can be very profitable. Plus, it is full of exciting occurrences that make it all worthwhile.


The Heist is a game to play when you are feeling like you need a lot of action. From the moment you start playing this game you will be invited to enjoy an adrenaline loaded adventure. Each spin comes with many chances to win or enjoy a variety of the different bonuses and special features the game has available. If you want to play a fantastic game you can count on to keep you entertained then you should be focusing your attention on this one.