House of fun

House of Fun Slots Review

House of Fun is a creepy and different online slots game that offers you a very unique gaming experience. It is a 5 reel and 30 payline video slots game powered by Betsoft software that has some of the best 3D graphics and animations online. One of the first things that will jump out at you about the House of Fun game is that it has a look to it that is definitely not like most others. When you want to log into your online casino account and get a real thrill then you want to play games like this one. From the first spin to the last spin you will encounter a lot of different characters and elements that will have you creeped out while you go after those wins.


This game begins with a scene of a break down on a lonely desert highway. When the teens who got stranded ask for help they are led to the house of fun. Once they are in the house all of the creepy characters begin to make an appearance. When you play this slots game you will be in for many surprises along the way. Along with odd characters and other freaky elements this game also has spectacular animations which really help bring it all to life. This is one game that fans of horror will find to be a great one for them to play.

The creepy looking house surrounds the reels and on those reels are crazy symbols that bring it all together. Some of the symbols you will see in House of Fun include the caretaker, gargoyles, a Cheshire cat, portraits, a scary looking dwarf, candlesticks, mirrors, the host, etc. Something impressive about this game is it has fantastic animations which appear when a win takes place. These animations come out from the game and appear as if they are going to come right through the screen.

The teens and their dog are standing on the side of the game and when the reels come to a stop they will react accordingly, depending on what takes place on the reels. Sometimes the outcome will have them jumping out of fear and running to hide behind the game. Other times the dog will literally jump into their arms. These animations bring a lot of personality to the game and are quite amusing.

Special Features

When you see this game for the first time you will just assume that there are great features available and you would be correct. This game has it all and each time you play it you will be on for a whole lot of excitement. There are special symbols and special features that make the game even more entertaining. However, the best part of all is those features also bring more chances for you to win with them.

One of the symbols you need to be watching for in House of Fun is the Escape bonus round and you go to it by getting at least three of the door knocker symbols. In this bonus you will see the teens that are desperate to escape and it will be on you to select the right door to help them. One helpful tip to remember is that the exit can be found behind a door that you checked already. If you choose incorrectly then a crazy Jack in the Box pops out and gives you a little bonus for your troubles.

There is also a free spins feature that you can enter when you collect three of those Jack in the box symbols on the reels. The free spins feature can be triggered again while you are already in the feature. On the middle reel you will see the evil Jack in the Box symbol which is the wild and helps you see more wins.

Another great feature you can go to in House of fun is the Mad Click Me feature. You get to it by getting the Mad Host on the first, second, or third reels simultaneously. This is one of the features which is a bit harder to get, but when you do you will find that the prizes it brings are quite generous.

Denominations and Payouts

There are numerous reasons why this is a fantastic online slots game for you to play. One more of the many reasons so many find it enjoyable is due to the fact that it is so flexible with regards to the size of wagers you can make on it. You can enjoy House of Fun for as little as just two cents for each spin or you can play it for up to $150 for each spin. The largest jackpot you can win on this slots game is worth 3,750 coins and this means a cash win of $3,750.


House of Fun will do an excellent job of entertaining you while you go after all those special features it has available. One of the great things about this game is you are guaranteed to have a great time, no matter what the outcome of the spins are. If you have been looking forward to the chance to play a game that will creep you out while it offers you a whole lot of excitement, then be sure you try spending some time on this one.