It came from venus

It Came from Venus Slots Review

It’s hard to describe the It Came from Venus slot machine in a way that will give you a real feel for everything this game has to offer. The best thing that you can do is to play it for yourself. It is a 5 reel Betsoft online slot machine with 30 paylines. The 3D graphics it offers are something that helps this game to make it to the very top of most players’ lists. While there is a long list of reasons why you should give this game a try, one big reason you want to keep in mind is the fact that it is one of the most unique slot machines online. This game is like none you have ever played before.


In this game you will get to enjoy a fantastic theme you will have a lot of fun with. The game depicts many strange characters and has one heck of a story to tell. You will see a farm in the background with the Venus Flytrap and the farmer. However, the real story is told on the reels. The Flytrap made its way to the farm coming all the way from the planet Venus. The farmer and the Venus Flytrap can be seen teasing each other and adding a lot of fun to the game. The flytrap is enormous and there is no way you can overlook it.

Each one of the symbols in the game have very realistic 3D designs to them in which a lot of personality comes out. Some of the symbols include the farmer, the flytrap, the mean looking military man, food sacks, the helicopter, the do not trespass sign, the scarecrow, the barn, and many, many others. Each time you see the reels in this game come to a stop you will have many reasons to get excited. They bring life to the game and draw you right into it in a way which makes you feel like you are right there with both the farmer and the flytrap.

The animations and graphics is It Came from Venus is definitely something the creators of this game can brag about. The graphics come together to make the game look more like an animated cartoon than a slot machine. This adds an extra level of entertainment value to it.

Special Features

The special features this game has are a big part of what it is all about. When you play a game loaded with features like the ones in this game, you will be on the edge of your seat in anticipation the whole time. One of the special symbols to watch for is the helicopter. When you are able to collect three or more of the helicopters you go to the bonus feature. The helicopters mission is to trap the flytrap in a box in an attempt to take it back to headquarters. The farmer needs to find the right box in order to release the flytrap. You need to choose boxes for the farmer, but choosing the wrong ones is actually lucrative in this game. Each time you pick the wrong one you get a prize, but the round stops once you find the correct box.

There is also a great free spins feature in which you will get 11 spins each time the flytrap eats three of the food snacks which are located on the center reel. Another nice addition to this feature is the sticky wild. This is activated when one of the snacks shows up on the center reel. It will remain wild for at least one more spin.

Another feature added to this game that helps you see wonderful results is the stacked collapsing wins where there is the opportunity for you to be awarded extra credit. Also, the cascade which comes with this feature also brings forth chances for you to win more.

There are also random wilds in the game which bring multipliers that vary from 2 to 10 times the amount of your wins. You can also use the Double Up feature which gives you the chance to gamble your winnings for a chance to double them. This feature has a very entertaining design to it which will make you really want to try it. However, you want to be careful with it because you could lose your winnings. You have the option to use this feature after every regular win.

Denominations and Payouts

There is a fairly wide betting range on this slot machine which opens the doors for players with all sized budgets. You can play it for just two cents, or you can wager as much as $75 for every spin. This gives you the chance to enjoy it when your bankroll is down and when it is doing well. The highest jackpot on It Came from Venus is worth 25,000 so you know there is potential to see a very big win.


When you go online looking for a slot machine to play that will keep you interested for a long time, this is one you don’t want to overlook. From the moment it appears on your screen you will be entertained. The graphics, animations, story, characters, special features, and sounds all come together in this game to create the ultimate online slot machine for you to enjoy. The sooner you play it, the sooner you may find your all time favorite online slots game.