Mad scientist

Mad Scientist Slots Review

If you are a fan of slots games with bright designs and fun features, then you want to make sure you play the Mad Scientist online slots game. From the minute you pull this game up you will be fascinated by the design it offers. This great game will entertain you and it gives you many chances to laugh because of its lighthearted design. Mad Scientist is one of those reliable and excellent Betsoft games that has 5 reels, 30 paylines, and runs fast. If you like the idea of enjoying a game with a lot to offer that still maintains a user friendly interface then this would be a good choice for you to play.


Mad Scientist is a game full of color and details. It is one of those games that has a cartoon style to it elements that help it to stand out from many of the others. Some of the colors that give the game an even brighter appearance are blues, greens, purples, and pinks. A great added feature to the game is the fact that you will see bursts of electricity shoot across the screen and like the wins you get. This brings more excitement to the game. When you spin the reels you will see the Mad Scientist on the bottom of the screen paying close attention to those reels and he will act in a way which is fitting for the outcome of the spin.

On the reels you will see fitting symbols that go with the story. Some of these symbols include power switches, meters, chalkboards with equations written on them, test tubes, danger signs, microscopes, a ball of electricity, etc. Each of the symbols is brightly colored and one good thing about this is it really adds to that electrifying feel of the game.

Special Features

One of the favorite features of this game for many players is the Great Experiment bonus. When you see at least three of the experiment symbols show up on the reels you will go to this bonus feature. The bonus round happens in a second screen and in this feature you will need to help the mad scientist to test a turn-to-gold serum. You need to put objects into the serum in order to test it and see what happens. You will see that each of the items will turn silver, bronze, or gold. You will receive bonus credits at the conclusion of the game. Not only can you end up with a nice prize because of this bonus round, but it also adds a very exciting element to the game.

Denominations and Payouts

Mad Scientist is a nice amusing game and it is also one of the more affordable ones. If you are looking for a fantastic slots game that you can play for small to nice medium wagers, then you should take a look at this one. The smallest wagers you can make on the Mad Scientist game is just two cents. However, when you do feel like wagering more you can go up to $150 for each spin. The large jackpot available on Mad Scientist is worth 5,000. This gives you a good sized jackpot to aim for. However, even if you don’t walk away with that jackpot you will still have a fantastic time on this game due to just how much fun it is.


If you are ready to go online and play a game that is fun and exciting, then try this one. Plus, it also has those special features and a nice betting range. From the moment that you log in to play this game you will be in for a real treat.