Madder scientist

Madder Scientist Slots Review

Betsoft has put out some of the most popular online slots games in the industry. There are many things the Betsoft games are recognized for, but one of the most impressive features is the graphics. Madder Scientist is a prime example of one of the games that blows players away with top notch graphics and other excellent features. If you like the idea of playing a game that is guaranteed to keep you entertained then you won’t want to skip over the Madder Scientist. It is a 5 reel online slots game that also has 30 paylines. This game takes a lot of the features players like about other slots games and puts them together. This helps to create one game that can capture the interest of players with all different tastes.


The Madder Scientist game is designed much in the same manner as its predecessor, only now the scientist is madder than ever! The story this game tells is one that is interesting and full of action and entertaining additions you will be pleased with. On top of brilliant colors and top notch graphics this game is also full of those special symbols players look for. The game runs nice and smoothly so you will enjoy each and every spin of those reels.

This game is set in a laboratory and there are plenty of little details that are all put together to make the environment realistic. This game is a very bright one and it is fun just to look at. However, the real amusement comes from playing it. With all of the entertaining characters involved in this game it’s simple to see just why so many players make a point of playing it often. The intro to this game is fantastic. It will tell the story of how the scientist got to be so mad. When the reels spin on this game you will see the scientist on the bottom of the screen. He will show appropriate reactions to what takes place before him on the reels.

In the game you will find many wonderful characters who add a lot to the story. The main character to be on the lookout for is the scientist. However, other symbols in the game include his pretty assistant, the danger high voltage symbol, glass tubes, bulbs, microscopes, the rabbit, carrots, and many others. A nice touch to this site is the great animations that come on the screen with the appearance of certain symbols and combinations. These animations are created to look very real and this adds a lot to the game. The 3D design of Madder Scientist is something that is hard to describe with regards to just how much it offers. The graphics really pop and sometimes almost look as if they are coming right out of the screen!

Special Features

One of the most talked about things with regards to this online slot machine is the amount of special symbols and features that it has to offer. The special features in Madder Scientist are also known for coming up quite often which means you will have many opportunities to earn great prizes and have even more fun. One of the most popular features in the game is the re-spin one.

There is also a fun bonus round and you get it when you achieve getting at least three carrots. When you earn this feature you go to the laboratory and you will need to help the scientist with selecting ingredients for an experiment. You will receive prizes for helping him out.

There are switch symbols which are wild and getting three of them will turn a random reel wild. During this feature you will also be able to win more wild switches for each one that appears. Then, there is another feature called the “click me” feature. You open it by getting the beakers on the first, third, and fifth reels. In this one you will click the symbols and this reveals prizes and free spins. The feature ends once you get a symbol that shows a collect sign.   

Denominations and Payouts

With a wagering range of .02 to $75 this game is a good one for small and medium sized budgets. However, even high rollers often play this game due to the excitement it brings to the table. The top jackpot on Madder Scientist is worth 2,500 coins which translate to a cash win that is worth $1,250. This may not be as big of a jackpot as some of the other online slot machines available, but with all the other helpful features the game has it is easy to see your credits go up and up.


The Madder Scientist is one of those games that have such a strong story to tell that you will look forward to every spin. There is definitely a lot going on in this game and many opportunities for you to enjoy a lot of different features. If you want to play an absolutely spectacular slots game that gives you just about everything that you could ask for, then you want to play this one.