Mr vegas

Mr. Vegas Slots Review

One of the things Betsoft software is most known for is putting out online slots games that have fantastic themes and the best graphics and animations in the entire industry. A prime example of the high quality and excellent slots games they offer would have to be Mr. Vegas. It will only take you but a glance to notice that this 5 reel and 30 payline game has some of the most intriguing features and a look that sets it apart from all others. Mr. Vegas is one of those games that leave players wanting to play it again and again once they try it for the first time. If you have come online hoping to experience the best of what the online slots have to offer then you need to put this game at the top of your list of must-try games.


Mr. Vegas is full of personality and it is one of those games that offer you many elements that make it more fun and offer more chances and ways for you to win. The 3D graphics really stand out and the characters in the game bring a more realistic feel to it. The look of the game takes you right to Vegas where you will find yourself ready to win. The game is bordered by a spectacular amount of bright lights which helps give it that real Vegas feel. Even the inside borders of the reels are lined by Vegas styles lights. The game option buttons on the bottom of the game are made up of poker chips and this is just one more thing that helps create that real Vegas look.

The symbols in Mr. Vegas are made up of fantastic characters you will get a real kick out of. Some of these include a show girl, a couple of beautiful woman, the Las Vegas sign, a blackjack hand, Mr. Vegas, the roulette wheel, poker chips, dealers, champagne, slot machines, etc. A nice little touch to the game is the max spin button in which you will click on a stack of cash in order to select the max bet. When a win is made you get to enjoy impressive animations which are played while the symbol comes out from the game. The win is also outlined by a line of lights which makes you feel as if you have really accomplished something spectacular.

Special Features

While this slots game has plenty going on just with the great graphics and animations it offers, it takes it even further by providing you with chances to win even more by way of fantastic special features. One of the features you will be excited to achieve is the free spins. This is where you can really rake in the wins and come out ahead. When you are able to get the dice symbol on either side of the Mr. Vegas symbol then you will be given anywhere between one to three free spins. The amount of the free spins that you get will depend on the value of the dice. The wins you get in this feature will also be doubled and this means there is the potential for very nice wins in this feature.

There is another chance in this game for you to earn free spins. When you get three or more of the slot machines on an active payline you will go to the mini slots feature where you can enjoy free spins. There is another bonus in this game where you will go to a money wheel bonus round. The bonuses and special features in this game contain great animations and many exciting elements.

Denominations and Payouts

Mr. Vegas is one of the easier games to fit in your bankroll, no matter what size it is. If you weren’t looking to spend a lot of money playing, then you will be able to spin the reels on this one for as small of an amount as just two cents. When you are in the mood to make larger wagers then you want to take advantage of the fact that Mr. Vegas also lets you go as high as $150 for each spin. When you play you will have a shot at winning that top jackpot good for 7,500 coins and that means a win worth $7,500. Also, this game comes with a progressive jackpot. Since the progressive will become larger in size with each wager made on it, it can get to be worth quite a large amount of money.


Mr. Vegas is a game you want to jump on anytime you are in the mood for a fantastic time, many chances to win a lot of money, and special features which have been designed in a creative manner. From the moment you play it you will be impressed. If you are online looking for a game that you can see yourself on for hours while enjoying each and every spin then you have just found one that might meet your demands.