Ned and his friends

Ned and his Friends Slots Review

Ned and his Friends is one of the most exciting and likable online slots games out there. From the moment you get a look at this game you will see that it is one which is guaranteed to offer you a lot of laughs. It runs on reputable and highly regarded Betsoft software and has 5 reels along with 30 paylines. This slot machine is most known for its fabulous graphics and animations; you will find them to keep you interested in the game for hours upon hours. This game is an excellent game in just about every way and it has the potential to become your favorite.


One of the things so many love about this game is that it is so adorable. It includes cute rats that sing and hang out in Ned’s home. They scare the wits out of Ned’s girlfriend and you get to enjoy an adorable song being sung by them when you spin. Many elements have been included in the design of this game in order to ensure that you experience the best that online slots gaming has to offer every time you play it. From great graphics to many features, this game is loaded with many reasons why you should play it.

Not only are the symbols fantastically designed to create an entertaining story, but the animations played for you will keep you seated on the edge of your seat. There are a lot of little elements that add even more fun. One of them can be seen when you take a bit of time to spin the reels. You will hear Ned asking what is taking so long and questioning why the game isn’t working. He sits at the lower left side of the game and sits in anticipation of every spin. When you get wins he will cheer you on and get excited. One of the funniest animations is when Ned jumps up and down in his chair all excited over a combination.

The symbols in the game are made up of the amusing rats, Ned, a door, and more. One of the things that really needs to be pointed out about each one of the symbols is they are created to look very real, just as the animations they portray are also very realistic.

Special Features

One thing many players are a bit surprised about when they play this game for the first time is the fact that it does not have a wild symbol. However, don’t let this stop you from playing this excellent online slot machine. There are still many reasons why it is a great choice and the other features bring plenty of excitement and opportunities your way.

One of the features you will be watching for as you play this game is the free spins feature. This is where you can really rack up a lot of extra credits. You go to the free spins when you achieve getting a minimum of three of the white rats on the reels. While the free spins are taking place you will also be further entertained by the rats that will dance and sing while you see wins. The free spins can also be triggered again while you are already in the feature.

This game also has a Click-Me feature which occurs when you get at least three of the rat tails on the reels. When you go to this feature you will choose a symbol which will show your prize to you. This bonus is a nice way for you to come up on extra credits.

If you get at least three of Ned’s girlfriend symbols on the reels then you get to go to a bonus round which makes a big hit with players of this game. In this bonus round you will see Ned’s girlfriend faint when she notices the rats and you need to select one of them to be a soloist who will lead the others in their singing until she wakes. This feature is very entertaining and it can also lead to some nice sized prizes. So, you want to cross your fingers and hope to see it often.

Denominations and Payouts

Something else special about this creative game is it makes it simple for anyone to enjoy it. If you are looking for a game with a lower betting range then you want to know that you can play Ned and his friends for just .02 each spin. However, if you were hoping to wager more then you can also wager up to $75 per spin. The financial flexibility of the game invites more payers to enjoy all it has to offer. The top jackpot is worth 2,500 which translate into a maximum cash win good for $1,250.


If you were hoping to play one of the most entertaining of all the online slots games then the time has come for you to try Ned and his Friends. From the moment you see the game appear on your screen, you will be hooked. All of the antics, 3D graphics, playful animations and the entertaining story come together to give you a game that may very well become your all time favorite.