Slotfather part 2

Slotfather Slots Review

The Slotfather online slots game is a Betsoft run 5 reel game that also has 30 paylines and amazing 3D graphics. The moment you log on to play this game you will see that it is one which will be very hard for you to step away from. The theme of the game is just one of the things about it that many people appreciate. On top of this, the game also has an entire design that is loaded full of fantastic elements which come together to entertain you for hours at a time. It is affordable, has special features, performs well, and has a nice sized jackpot up for grabs. If you have come online hoping to play a fascinating game then make sure that you turn your attention to this one.


The theme and storyline of the game is the very first thing that will jump out at you. When you play this game you will be in interesting company. Each time that you spin the reels you will be invited to enjoy the thrilling adrenaline rush that comes from being in the company of the mob. The background, sounds, symbols, and animations all help to bring you to a place where you will feel the threat of the mob. Bright colors are set against a darker background which helps everything to stand out and makes for an even better looking game.

Each of the symbols on the reels fit right into the story and helps tell it to you. Some of these symbols include the intimidating black car, a briefcase fun of cash, guns, cigars, a newspaper with a fitting title, a map, and an array of mobsters. The sounds in this game are very amusing and add a lot of laughs to this game, even though it has a more serious design. This is due to the fact that the voices are so fitting that they almost make you feel as if you are watching a mobster movie rather than playing a game.

One of the best elements of this game is the animations. When the symbols are used in the creation of a win one of them will come out and a fabulous animation will play for you. A good example of one of these animations would be the mobster’s car. When it is used in a win the symbol will come out from the game and you will witness the car speeding forward and gun blasts will come out from the windows. When the cigar is used it will light and the tip will turn red. The newspaper will spin right out of the reels so you can read the heading easier.

Special Features

Something else you should know about the Slotfather online slots game is that it has a lot of special features. Each one of these special features comes with unique animations while they give you plenty of chances to come up on more prizes, some of which can be quite generous. One of the features you will be on the lookout for is the sneaky instant win one. When you see Sammy Quickfingers show up next to the suitcase symbol on reels one through three then Sammy will go into the suitcase and give you instant credits.

Another feature which you can look forward to on this game is one you get when you see Frankie Da Fixer show up next to the Tommy gun on the first through the third reels. When this happens Frankie will grab the gun and spray bullet holes into the screen. You will then need to choose one of the bullet holes. When you do, your number of free spins and the multiplier will be displayed.

When you see at least three of the Slotfather symbols come onto the reels you get to select three different places in the city to put the slot machine. If you select the right places then you will earn a great prize. This bonus can lead you to a nice sized prize that will help you see your credits go up.

Denominations and Payouts

The Slotfather game is also one of the slots that are easy for just about anyone to afford. The lowest amount that you can wager is two cents for each spin. However, the game also accepts wagers that are as large as $150 for each spin. This flexibility shows you that this is an online slot machine you can continue to play regularly, no matter which direction your bankroll is fluctuating. The largest jackpot that you can win when you are playing the Slotfather online slots game is good for an amount of 5,000 coins which means a cash win of $5,000. This is a nice sized win you will be going after while you have a lot of fun. However, there are also all those other ways to win while you play.


The Slotfather is one of those darker online slots games that you know you are going to be able to play when you feel like enjoying a strong plot accompanied by plenty of fascinating special features and amazing animations that bring the game to life. If you are ready to experience some of the best online slots gaming around then you are ready to play the Slotfather game.