The curious machine

The Curious Machine Slots Review

If you are a fan of time travel or have an interest in science, then make sure you play The Curious Machine slots game run on Betsoft software. This 5 reel video slot machine has 30 paylines, superior graphics, a great story to tell, and so much more. From the moment you begin playing it you will be in for a real treat. With each spin of the reels you will have a lot of elements and surprises to enjoy. It’s not often that you will run into a game that gives you absolutely everything you could ask for, but you may find that this one does. Non-stop action will invite you to enjoy hours of great gaming you will look forward to enjoying as much as you can.


While there are many different areas in which this game shines, none are quite as impressive as the graphics and animations. This is where it gets all its personality and leaves you captivated. From the moment you see the game you will be more than impressed by all it offers. The game takes you to a place where time travel is possible. The realistic 3D graphics help to make the game more believable. This game gives you an invitation to travel through time and space with the inventor and his robot, Gizmo. In the game they need to dodge the General Traytors schemes. This journey includes a lot of entertaining twists and will offer you the chance to receive many prizes.

Something you will truly enjoy about this game is that the animations are so vivid they cannot be ignored. With each spin of the reels something will happen depending on the outcome of that spin. There will either be a cheer or a shameful bowing of the head from the inventor and his robot. The team also tries to help you out by attempting to make the game work better. They can be seen messing with the time machine when the reels spin. They will get aroused and excited as they see your balance going up. Also, each spin brings on fantastic animations which further add to the story.

Special Features

When it comes to special features, you will see a lot of them on this game that you can get worked up over. One of them is the wild Vortex symbol in which a winning completion will be made or a whirl of surrounding icons which moves in a counter-clockwise fashion will occur. This makes way for new chances for you to see wins.

There is another feature that is called Second Chance. This feature comes up at random and spins one of the reels again to bring another opportunity for you to win. Something nice about this feature is it is known for coming up quite often and it can really help you out. Also, the dinosaur can lead you to free spins which have multipliers which are random. There are many other special symbols and features in this game that will have you wanting to play it for hours.

Denominations and Payouts

One of the things which will also surprise you about this game is that anyone can afford to play it. Each spin can be placed for as low of an amount as just .02. However, you can also take a spin o it for as much as $75. This opens the doors for many and it means you can play it no matter what your current bankroll looks like. The highest paying jackpot is worth 2,500 coins. While this may not seem as large as many other online slot machines, you do need to consider that there are many ways for you to win more in this game. This makes it a very lucrative one for you to play and there are many possibilities for you to win a lot of money!


Any time you feel like logging into your casino account online and having the time of your life, you want to think about playing The Curious Machine. Every time you spin those reels you will be able to sit back and enjoy an amazing adventure which is filled with a tremendous amount of special features and effects. It’s hard to describe just how entertaining this game really is. The best thing that you can do is to give it a try for yourself.