The glam life

The Glam Life Slots Review

Betsoft knows how to put out some of the more fascinating online slots games that keep players coming back time and time again. This is because the Betsoft games are known for offering some of the best 3D graphics online. Plus, they tend to be full of fantastic features that bring more fun and great opportunities to the game. If you are looking for a great slots game to play then you should try The Glam Life. This is one of those games that you will find it hard to tear yourself away from. While this game is a bit different from most of the others you will see that it has many of those features you want to see in a game.


One of the things you will notice about this game is the theme is very unique and creative. In fact, this game will impress you with just how different it really is. The colors of the game are very cheerful and help the game give you that lighthearted fun feeling that you will be looking for the chance to enjoy. The background of the game depicts a bright blue sky and in the back of the reels you can see the faint hit of a mansion. The reels have been designed in a manner in which they are a part of the entrance gate. The elegant filigree design at the top of the reels is a great touch.

The symbols in the game introduce you to a glamorous life. An exciting adventure will be displayed before you with each spin. You will see symbols like the jet, a cell phone, a diamond ring, the mansion, champagne on ice, a bottle of perfume, a necklace case, a yacht, etc. Each one of the symbols have their place in the game due to the fact that they fit into what a glamorous life is all about.

When you play this game it takes you on an adventure where you will get a taste of what life is like for those that can afford the finer things in life. You get a sense of that freedom and fun that comes with not having to watch your finances closely. If you would like to feel what it is like to live the good life once in awhile, then you should play this slots game.

Special Features

Along with a great theme and fantastic graphics this game also offers those much appreciated special features players like to see available in a game. One of the symbols you should be on the lookout for in this game is the jet. When you are able to get at least three of the jets on a payline you will be given free spins. The more of the jet symbols that you get, the more of the free spins you will get. The most free spins you can get are 25 and you can get this amount when you see five jets appear.

When you get at least three of the ring box symbols on a payline then you get to enjoy a bonus where you will see 15 of the boxes on the screen. You will choose one of these boxes and each one of them holds a diamond which is attached to a certain amount of bonus credits. There are three different types of diamonds in these boxes and you get to keep picking until you have collected each type of diamond.

Another feature you will get a lot out of is the bonus you can get to by getting a minimum of three of the necklace case symbols on a payline. When you get these symbols then you get to enjoy the Click-Me bonus. You will have the option of choosing from the necklace cases and each one of them is linked to a prize. The prize you get in this bonus feature can be worth quite a large amount.   

The favorite feature for most players that this game has to offer is triggered when you achieve getting at least three of the mansions on a payline. When this happens you will be taken to a second screen where you will get to enjoy the travel bonus. Here, you will see different landmarks and you will choose three of them. Each of these landmarks is attached to a prize.

Denominations and Payouts

Just one more of the things that makes this a good game for many is it has a nice and flexible betting range. Those looking for a nice affordable game to spend their time on will be glad to know that this game can be enjoyed for just as little as two cents for each spin. Those who like to make larger wagers will be able to bet as much as $150 for each spin which they will find to be accommodating. The top jackpot you can win when you are on The Glam Life is good for 75,000 coins and this is a very large jackpot. Another thing you want to know about this game is it also has a progressive jackpot. Since this jackpot grows to be larger with each wager placed on it, it can get to be very large. Winning a progressive jackpot can be a very big deal.


This is one of those online slots games that are hard to stop playing once you get started on it. This game takes you on a real adventure and gives you many chances to enjoy fabulous features that can help you get even more prizes. If you want to play a game that has a whole lot to offer, then be sure to try this one.