Treasure room

Treasure Room Slots Review

Treasure Room is a 5 reel Betsoft video slots game with 20 paylines. When you see this game you will notice that it is made to look like a cartoon and has been developed with the use of very bright colors. There are different slots games out there to meet the individual needs of players with different tastes. However, one thing you want to know about the Treasure Room slots game is it has so many fantastic elements to it that many players find it to be a great game for them to play, even if it doesn’t fall into the category of game they generally play.


The Treasure Room game is obviously all about treasures. It only takes a quick look at this game to see that it is all about gold and jewels. When it comes up on your screen you will see a lot of gold which comes in the form of gold coins, gold jewelry, and more. There are also jewels which add to the color of the game and bring that treasure theme to another level. Even though this game has been created to have that cartoon look, it also offers those fantastic Betsoft 3D graphics that seem to come right out of the screen at you.

On the reels you will see great symbols such as colorful jewels, gold coins, a treasure chest, a gold hour glass, a sword and shield, an emerald ring, a map, etc. Little animations are displayed within the symbols when they are used in the creation of a win. While the game is going the lamps on the sides of the game will remain lit with flames and this is a nice little touch to the appearance of the game. Also, when a win is made a gold chain will line the win.

One of the things that a lot of players appreciate about the design of Treasure Room is that it offers those great elements Betsoft slots games are known for; it does so in a manner which makes it a good choice of game for those who are new to playing the online slots. While it has many player options and special features it still maintains a bit of a more basic look to it that new players don’t find to be so intimidating.

Special Features

When you play Treasure Room you get to enjoy plenty of special features that are not only fun but also give you many chances to come up on extra prizes. One of the symbols to watch for is the calendar. When you get a minimum of three of them then you go to a second screen and enjoy a bonus called the Treasure Room bonus. When you go to this round you will see three doors. Behind each of these doors is a gem. You can open all three of the doors and each of them have bonus credits to offer you.

When you get at least three of the sword and shield symbols on the reels then you get to go to the Sword and Shield instant bonus game. This bonus comes in the form of a Click-Me bonus. You will choose icons off the screen and each one will offer a prize. This bonus can be very profitable and the size of the prize can depend on how many paylines you have played.

Denominations and Payouts

The Treasure Room online slots game is good for new players for many reasons and one of those reasons is due to the betting range it has. The game can be played for just two cents for each spin and this makes it easy for new players to become familiar with the online slots without breaking the bank. However, when players want to wager more the slots game also accommodates them by letting them wager up to $100 for each spin. The top paying jackpot on Treasure Room is good for 5,000 coins which mean a cash win of $5,000. Another great thing about this online slots game is that it offers a progressive jackpot. This progressive jackpot will grow and grow until it is won and this means you may find yourself the lucky winner of a very impressive jackpot.


The Treasure Room is one of those games that have a very inviting look to it. On top of this, it also makes it easy for you to get to the special features which are amusing and offer you many chances to get more prizes. If you have been hoping to find a good game to play then you want to make sure you try your luck on this one.