Tycoons Slots Review

If you are looking online for one of those online slots games that will guarantee you a great time you want to try playing the Tycoons slot machine. This slots game has 5 reels, is run on Betsoft software, and has 30 paylines. 3D graphics offer you a game that seems to jump right out at you and many players look forward to this part of the game when they log into their online casino account in order to play it. Even though the game has a lot going on it still maintains a user friendly interface so even new players can enjoy all that it offers.


The theme of the Tycoon slots game is obvious right away. Everything about this game revolves around money and enjoying the good life. You will see a lot of added elements that have been put in place to ensure you get the point of the game. It is a spectacular game with a lot of great things going on. This is a game that has already become a big hit with a lot of players and should be one that you make a point to give a try. You may find that it makes it to your list of favorites.

This game is set in an impressive mansion. The reels are situated right in the center of the mansion and it has a very nice look to it. There are little added touches that bring even more personality to the game. Just a couple of these added touches include the palm trees which wave back and forth with the wind and the working fountain which is in front of the mansion. The max bet spin is written on the windshield of a sports car and when you click it the car moves back and forth, this is a great little animation.

The reels in Tycoons feature symbols that tell a story and invite you to experience the good life with them. Some of the symbols include the red sports car, a briefcase, money, checks, a variety of individuals, etc. When some of the symbols are used in wins they play animations for you that are enjoyable. One of them includes the red sports car. When it is used in the creation of a win the symbol will leap out from the reels and you will see it driving down the road.

Special Features

The Tycoons game brings you the chance to win even more prizes by offering special features that are interesting and potentially profitable. One of the features you will be glad to see show up is the free spins. This is where you have the chance to win a god amount of money without spending your own credits. You go to the free spins round when you see small “fs” marks on a winning combination which is made with at least three main character symbols. This is the part of the game that has a wild symbol; there aren’t wilds in the regular play portion of the game. During your free spins a wild reel accompanies the second, third, or fourth reel and wins made with the use of the triggered character are doubled.

This game also has a special Click-Me feature and you get to it by getting the cash, gold bars, and check symbols on the first through the third reels. When you go to this feature you need to click on one of the symbols and you will be awarded a prize. There’s another feature in which there is a card dealer and when you get at least three of them you go to a bonus round where you will guess which of the tycoons are going to win the hand in order for you to get a prize.

Denominations and Payouts

When it comes to finding an online slots game that will fit in your budget, you will find this one to be more than accommodating. It can be played for anywhere from just two cents all of the way up to $150. The top paying jackpot in Tycoons is good for a win of 7,500 coins. However, this game also offers you the chance to win a progressive jackpot and that means you may win a huge amount of money.


The Tycoons game pulls you into a world where money is no object. It has graphics and animations that even bring it up to another level and leave you looking forward to playing it even more. If you were hoping to go online and find a game worthy of your time and money then you will find that Tycoon is a fabulous one for you to play.