Playing Online Slots with Your Debit Card

Here you’ll learn all about how to use your debit card to play real money slots online.

But you might be wondering if it’s safe using a debit card to play online slots, or which online casinos will accept your bank’s card.

In the financial world debit cards are fairly new. But they seem like they’ve been around forever.

While credit cards have been used by banks and individuals for decades, debit cards have only been popular for the last decade, and many people have only been using them for a few years or less.

A debit card usually looks like a credit card. Most of them even have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

When you use a debit card to pay for gas or a purchase at a store it acts just like a credit card from the perspective of the business. The business pays a small fee, usually a percentage of the sale price, and has the rest of the transaction deposited into their bank account.

This doesn’t always happen instantly, but in today’s business world it usually only takes a short time.

The difference between a debit card and a credit card from your stand point is the debit card is attached to an account and is more like writing a check instead of running a line of credit.

Most debit cards are attached to a checking account, but they can be attached to just about any kind of financial account. I have one attached to a checking account and one attached to my Paypal account.

When you use your debit card to make an online casino deposit or pay for something else the money is deducted from your account. This usually happens instantly.

The word debit is an accounting term that means to deduct, hence the term debit card.

How to Use It

You can use your debit card just like a credit card to make a deposit at an online casino. Open the cashier area of the casino where you want to make a deposit and follow the instructions for credit cards.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on a phone or tablet on the go or on your desk top computer at home, the cashier functions should work the same.

One difference between using a credit card and a debit card to play slots is some payment processors won’t authorize debit card payments.

One of my favorite online gambling sites always declines my debit card but accepts my credit card.

Of course when I say the casino declines my card it isn’t accurate. The payment processing company actually declines the card.

All of the credit and debit cards are attached to a bank and different banks have different rules and regulations when they deal with Internet gambling.

Your ability to use a debit card to make online casino deposits depends on where you live. Some people will be able to use their debit cards with no problem but others may never be able to use theirs at an online casino.

Always take the time to ask the support department at your online casino if they have other options before giving up. You may be able to buy a prepaid card of some sort with your debit card and use the prepaid card to make a deposit.

Debit Card Fees at Online Casinos

Usually the only party that pays fees when you use a debit card is the online casino or gambling business where you’re making a deposit. They pay a credit card transaction fee that can range from a couple percent up to five percent or more.

I’ve seen a few gambling businesses charge a percentage on each deposit made using a credit or debit card, but most of them don’t.

Check the cashier area of the casino where you want to play or talk to the support department to find out if they charge fees.

Is it safe to use debit cards at online casinos?

Any time you make a financial transaction there’s a level of risk.

If you go to the store down the street and buy a pack of gum for a dollar you run the risk of being robbed. If you write a check to pay for something you run the risk of someone getting your checking account numbers and draining your account. When you use a debit or credit card you run the risk of someone getting your card information and using it to buy things.

The reason I mention all of these things is because I hear how you shouldn’t use your debit card online or how dangerous it is to use a debit card at an online casino.

When I hear or read things like this I always wonder which solution they think is safer.

Using a debit card to make casino deposits is as safe as any other form of payment as long as you’re careful.

Make sure you protect your card number and information so no one can see it or find it. Then make sure you only deal with safe online casinos. It’s important to only give your debit card details to casinos you trust and who have a track record of strong customer service and safe play.

The other layer of protection comes from the fact that debit cards that display the MasterCard or Visa logo have the same protections against fraud as regular credit cards.

Ask your bank or other financial institution where you received your debit card what type of fraud protection you have.

I’ve read many times that debit cards don’t offer the same level of protection to consumers as credit cards, but when I talked to my bank they told me that my debit card had the exact same protection as my credit card.


Debit cards are a great way to move money from your bank account into your online slots account. It’s almost like handing cash to the cage person and getting chips back in your local casino.

If you have a hard time finding a casino where you can use your debit card send a message to the casino support department. Most casinos have a way you can make a deposit using a debit card, even if it isn’t listed on the site.