Playing Online Slots with Your Visa Card

Open your wallet or purse. How any Visa credit cards do you have?

If you’re like the average online casino player you have at least one. It’s no wonder Visa is one of the leading deposit methods for online casinos, sports books, and poker rooms all around the world.

Using a Visa is also one of the fastest ways to get started playing online slot machines for real money.

From the time you find a casino offering great slot machines and decide to start playing to the time when you actually take your first real money spin it’s usually only a few minutes. Once you have an account set up and get logged in it’s usually less than a minute to make a deposit using your Visa and start playing.

How to Use It

When you use a Visa to fund your online casino account the easiest thing to do is open the casino cashier section once you log into your account. Select the Visa tab or click on the Visa logo, enter your card number, expiration date, security code from the back of the card, and the deposit amount.

Follow any special instructions on the screen. Once you complete your transaction your account should be funded in a matter of minutes or less. Most of the time the money is already in my casino account before I get switched back to the regular casino and pick a slot machine to play.

One thing you should be aware of when trying to make a deposit with a Visa or other credit card. Online casinos are in a constant battle to find reliable processing for credit cards. The banking industry creates issues because some of them are scared of the gambling industry so they may stop accepting cards.

Another issue is the laws concerning online gambling and banking change all of the time. When you add in the fact that the number of legal jurisdictions around the world includes thousands of different places, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Visa deposits get declined from time to time.

If your Visa is declined at one online casino it may work at a different one. Or you may be able to use a different Visa at the same casino. You might even be able to use the same Visa at the same casino the next day or the next week that declined your deposit today.


Before you make a deposit to play online slots make sure the casino doesn’t charge fees for using a Visa.

Every online casino that accepts Visa deposits has to pay a fee, just like every other business that accepts credit cards. Most of them eat this fee because they want to make it as easy and pain free for you to make a deposit as possible. The casino knows that they can’t win your money if you don’t make a deposit.

Some casinos charge a fee for Visa deposits. One place that I play poker charges almost 5% on every Visa deposit. This adds up quickly if you end up making many deposits, so you need to be aware of any fees you might have to pay.

One trick you may be able to use is asking for an extra bonus to help cover the fee. Send a note to support and tell them you’re going to use a Visa and want an extra bonus or free spins to cover the fees.

You might not have any luck, but if you don’t ask you’ll never know. An extra $20 bonus or 25 free spins doesn’t amount to much for the casino because the odds are you’ll lose the money before cashing out.

Is It Safe?

Visa cards have elaborate fraud prevention that continues improving all of the time.

Credit card fraud and theft is a huge business so the credit card companies constantly look for new ways to make the transactions safer.

Most Visas also have a set limit that you’re responsible for if the card gets stolen. Many cards have a $50 limit. What many people don’t know is they have to do certain things to be eligible for the protection limit.

Make sure you read all the details of your card agreement so you understand how you’re protected and what your responsibilities consist of. You might be required to report a lost or stolen card within a certain time limit to receive the full level of fraud protection on your account.

Beyond the normal fraud protection, using your Visa is as safe as the company you’re dealing with. If they have a strong security system in place and they run an honest business your card is as safe as when you use it to buy gas or groceries.


You probably already know that online casinos offer bonuses. The casinos want you to play for real money so they offer all kinds of enticements to get you to make a deposit.

Once you make a deposit they start trying to get you to make another deposit. You might get a sign up bonus and then a series of redeposit bonuses. Some casinos have a different bonus every day of the week.

I’ve even seen some online slots casinos offer special bonuses based on the deposit method you use. These bonuses tend to change over time, but you can usually find them on the promotions page of the casino where you plan to play.

Visa bonuses are rare because of the extra fees associated with the processing, but I’ve seen a few of them over the years. It doesn’t hurt to check to make sure you get as much as you can from the casino.


When you’re looking for a safe and fast way to start playing real money slots all you need is your Visa. Sign up for an account at one of the casinos on this web site, open the cashier, make a deposit, and start playing slots right away.